About US

Roofer is a retirement village that provides elderly with the best care and tranquil retirement community. Roofer builds safe and comfortable place for retirees to have healthy aging life. 

We empower residents and their love one to supervise our quality of service.  

We create working opportunities to retirees who wish to continue serving the society.  

We build healthy aging community. 

Jeffrey Lim



Our Services

Day Care Facilities

An option for senior citizens to engage, interact and socialise with our community, and receive basic medical care and attention. 

Short Term Stay Care

Full-board accommodation and a balanced diet are provided, residents are engaged with various activities in a beautiful and spacious garden.

Long Term Stay Care

We encourage continued engagement with family members through video calls or visitations.  Our grounds are spacious for family members to spend the day. 

Elderly Well being

Aging is a journey of life, age well, age happily.
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Our Values



A comfortable, safe and healthy environment.


Passionately embrace our residents’ priorities as our own.


Trustworthy and act in good faith for residents and family.


Integrate technology to empower residents stay connected.


Aims to serve more with scalable and sustainable system.